Déra Mitra

Déra Mitra was born from a thought that, perhaps, Café Mitra with a few rooms might be an interesting idea. Café Mitra, started in September 2002, quickly went on to become one of Kathmandu’s favourite eateries. Its popularity can, perhaps, be attributed to its eclectic offering of cosmopolitan cuisine, attention to service and the bijou interiors that take advantage of the quirky ‘bones’ of the 75 year old neo-Néwar building, a rapidly disappearing architectural curiosity. A lounge bar was created in the floor above the restaurant in 2003, followed by the transformation of a derelict backyard into a garden in March 2004. In July 2005, we opened the first guestroom. The interesting idea proved to be a winner! Now we have four. In designing the rooms, we kept local influences to a minimum. We figured that with Nepal around you all the time, your temporary abode (déra, in Nepali) should be a neutral space, to allow you the luxury to process your sometimes overwhelming experiences in comfort, perhaps even style.

Rooms Info

220V, 50Hz. Frequent powercuts are quite the norm in Kathmandu. We do have generator back-up, sufficient enough for essential lights in your room. However, appliances such as hair-dryers cannot be operated. If you use candles in the room, please blow them out before leaving the room. There are two torches by your bedside.

Temperature control
A pedestal fan for cooling off and a gas/electric heater to warm you up are available. Please turn off the heaters before sleeping or leaving the room. The exhaust fans in the bathroom clear stale air; please leave them on. The mesh windows and door allow fresh air to circulate and also keep pesky pests out. Please keep them closed all the time for your own safety.

The mineral water in the sealed bottle is absolutely safe for drinking. Water is gas-heated the moment you turn the tap to the ‘hot’ setting. Please use water sparingly: Kathmandu suffers from chronic water shortage, an ironic situation for a country rich in natural water resources.

We provide you with a personal cell phone for your use during your stay. NCell is the local network provider. Recharge cards are available easily. Lost phones carry a replacement charge of Rs. 7,000.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the rooms, garden and lounge. Please contact one of the staff for the password. Please keep the password confidential as we don't want everyone accessing and slowing down our network.

Room service
Please contact the reception for room service. Please let us know what you would like for breakfast the evening before. Breakfast is served either in the dining room or the garden weather permitting. Breakfast hours: 7–10am. Restaurant opens for full meals from 12 noon to 11pm.

Again, owing to environment and water supply concerns, please let us know how frequently you would like us to change the bed linen and towels. For your personal items, we have laundry facilities; dry-cleaning is contracted out to a commercial laundry. You will find a laundry price list on your desk. Usually, normal washing and dry-cleaning can be done within 24 hours.

There is a charge of Rs 1,500 for lost keys. Please hand in your keys to the staff on duty in the café before leaving the premises. The gate to the compound is locked after 11pm (and is opened at 6am). In case you are returning late after a night out, please ring the bell on the upper right of the gate to be let in.

Hold luggage
Please contact a staff member. We will be glad to keep your luggage. Please sign in the book and retain the receipt for your own record.

Travel arrangements
We will be glad to help you organise treks, tours and contact airlines for your travel arrangements.

Jimmy, our 7-year-old friendly dog, and his recent companion, Dukey, still a puppy, will be frequently encountered going about their business in the compound. Both of them have been inoculated against rabies, etc., get regular vet care, and are bathed at least 4 times a year. They both love to fraternize with everyone and understand a smidgeon of English. Keep your doors closed as they love jumping on beds! Please refrain from feeding–but pet them all you want.

Please contact any member of the staff should you require assistance of any kind. You will find a list of our favourite things-to-do in Kathmandu attached. If you make a new discovery, please let us know. We would love to add them to our list!

Our patrons, starting off as atithhi (guest), end up becoming our mitra (friend). We look forward to your becoming our mitra too.